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And Hell Followed With US tour May 2010

Detroit, MI's And Hell Followed With are an unabashed flag waving deathcore band and are not afraid to hide it.
Tour Dates: 
21/05/2010 - 14/06/2010

While there have certainly been bands who have shied away from that term, thanks to its many detractors, And Hell Followed With have embraced it and everything about it.

Year Of No Light announce sophomore album details

Year Of No Light has become one of the most recognized names of the atmospheric genre.

Year Of No Light's atmospheric, slow-burning, spacious anthems have been heralded as unique and of a more pure pedigree than the herds of bland post-rock clones roaming around, and

Frontiers Records signs Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil for the European release of his new solo album.

Tattoos and Tequila out in Europe on June 4th anticipated by the digital only release of the title track single on April 16th.

Napoli, April 2010 –  Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil upcoming solo album Tattoos and Tequila has been signed by Frontiers Records for

Morbid Carnage to unleash Night Assassins

Hungarian thrash metal miscreants Morbid Carnage release details of their debut full-length, Night Assassins.

Hungarian thrash metal miscreants Morbid Carnage recently completed the recording of their debut full-length album Night Assassins, to be released via Singapore-based Pulv

Double Dragon preview songs from their upcoming new album

Australia's Double Dragon have released the following video showing previews of pre-production from their upcoming release Redemption due late 2010.

Following a busy 12 months of touring the country as support for Slayer and Megadeth in Australia, and early this year as touring support for Chimaira

Nachtmystium new album details and tracklisting

Nachtmystium are ready to release one of the most anticipated albums of 2010 with Addicts: Black Meddle Part II


Regain Records Signs Sweden's Necronaut

Necronaut is a raw slab of old-school metal and while the term “old-school” alone goes a long way in accurately describing the sound that one should expect from Estby and Co., the project is so much more.


Kataklysm release details about their forthcoming release

Kataklysm release details about their upcoming album "Heaven's Venom" due out in the northern autumn 2010.
Canadian extreme metallers Kataklysm have completed the song writing process for their new album entitled Heaven's Venom.

Kataklysm reveal album title

Northern Hyperblasters Kataklysm - who are currently touring Europe together with Belphegor and Suicidal Angels - have just revealed the title of their upcoming studio album.