Australian metal

Black Conjuration Fest MMXI

Adelaide brings you the Black Conjuration Festival this April, featuring six Australian death metal acts!

Six of the best death metal acts from around the country will be showcasing their talents to you on April 16 at the Forresters and Squatters Arms Hotel in Adelaide. 

The Workers at the Forge - Be'lakor's Steve Merry

Australian melodic death heavy weights Be'lakor talk to Metal as Fuck about their international success and their headlining of Melbourne, AU's Sonic Forge Festival for Haiti.

If you’re an Australian metalhead and you haven’t heard of Be’lakor, you haven’t been paying attention.

Five Star Prison Cell - Matriarch (Riot)

Math Rock was annoying enough but Math Metal?? Give me a break! It’s revenge of the nerds and those bastards aren’t going to let us forget how much we tormented them in high school.

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight, these guys can play, no doubt about it. They are very, very good at what they do. BUT they are also very, very boring at what they do.

Maniacal – Buried In Hell (Independent)

Port Pirie in South Australia isn’t a town that’s known for much. Mining, drinking, fighting, lead poisoning… oh yeah, and a leader of the opposition came from up that way too but not much else. And musically, well you could count the bands on one hand and still have four fingers and a thumb left. Until now, that is.

Maniacal have defied all logic, all sense of place, all boundaries of sensibility and formed in the middle of shithole country SA, back of nowhere with nowhere all around, and what

GOTCHA! Happy April Fool! : New South Australian censorship laws target metal music

Yes it's true: our article that the South Australian government is seeking to prohibit the sale of heavy metal music to minors with tough new censorship laws was a joke.

happy April Fool's Day!

Switchblade - Invictus Infinitum (Amphead)

Delivering their best performance yet, Switchblade's Invictus Infinitum is heavy and intense. The band with this release delivers a product that is world-class, and ready to take the world by storm.

Australia's heavy metal scene is at its highest as we speak, with lots of established and upcoming bands from every state delivering songs and albums that could be put up against any of the world's