Steve Hughes: "It's the beginning of the Satanic new world order" and it ain't pretty

Remember that kid getting scolded by his father for watching Megadeth when he wanted to see the News? Well, this IS the news, according to man of quick-silver wit and rivet head, Steve Hughes. Die-hard Metallica fans might want to grab a tissue for this one...

“I’ll grab me coffee and I’ll be there,” speaks comedian Steve Hughes softly down the phone from Brisbane after a spell in Adelaide, South Australia.

Gallows, Shai Hulud, Confession, Milestones, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne - 26/02/13

Blink 182? Garbage! The howling spirit of dirty rock n' roll punched its way up through the Corner Hotel summoned by Gallows and Shai Hulud.

What’s with the god damn weather in this town?

Elimination sign on to Transcend Records

British thrashers, Elimination, have been made a part of Transcend Records' expanding roster, following the release of their April debut, Destroyed By Creation

Iron Maiden's 'The Final Frontier' hits stores soon!

After a much anticipated wait, Iron Maiden announce August 17 as the release date for their 15th studio record... and preliminary tour dates announced.

Love them or hate them, there's no denying the huge influence British powerhouse Iron Maiden has had on the metal community.

FURY UK's new album and tour dates

Fury UK's third studio album, A Way of Life, is set for release on September 6th, and will be followed up by an extensive UK tour.