concept albums

Master Massive - The Pendulum (Vicisolum Productions)

An ambitious concept album that nearly collapses under it's own weight...
Release Date: 
29 May 2015 (All day)

The Pendulum, described in a roundabout way by Sweden's Master Massive themselves as a ‘seventies rock concept album with eighties metal orchestration’ is something o

Caïna- Setter of Unseen Snares (COF Records)

A heart-rending tale of one family's struggle of life after the apocalypse.

When one thinks of UK black metal, the image that is conjured up usually consists of misty moors and ancient pagan landscapes.

Eureka – Shackleton’s Voyage (SPV/Riot)

Crikey, just when you think you’ve seen it all - I mean, pirate core, Christian black metal, Stryper’s return, Judas Priest doing gay leather cabaret - along comes Eureka’s concept album about an Antarctic Voyage across the ice!!

German multi-talented bastard Frank Bossert is the man behind this, the fourth album under the Eureka moniker.