dillinger escape plan

Sidewave Madness Continues - It's Dillinger This Time...

With Glassjaw and Dir en Grey along for the ride!

The Dillinger Escape Plan have merely one prerogative: to go forward in ALL directions simultaneously.

Djently does it... Periphery tells it like it is.

Two album releases in a year? That's just crazy talk...

In which Periphery mainman Misha Mansoor answers some MaF questions about the important stuff:

The Dillinger Escape Plan Live @ Billboard, Melbourne, Australia

Never have I experienced a band like this. So maniacally gung-ho. So intense – yet still managing to play complex, intricate musical stylings. It’s as if the five members of that band are all playing different songs at the same time yet managing to meet somewhere in the middle and it all kinda makes some sorta sense! Wow!