Gallery: Elimination/Triaxis, Camden Unicorn 08/03/12

MaF Snapper Falk-Hagen Bernshausen was on hand to document a top night of Brit metal at the Unicorn. So was scribe Micky Strong, but apparently representatives of several leading booze companies were responsible for stealing Mick's memory of the evening... so enjoy these great pictures from the evening minus Mick's florid prose, and make sure you check out both bands next time they are in your neck of the woods!

'I don’t think it’s always about going bat-shit crazy.' Metal as Fuck talks touring with Elimination's Dave Spicer

Supporting their second album, The Blood Of Titans, Elimination take to the road. But don't expect any rock star behaviour.

"That’s kind of weird, right? I shouldn’t enjoy travelling that much,’ Dave confesses.

Elimination: New Tour Dates Announced

And Triaxis are coming along for the ride!

As the World nears it's end in 2012, the cortège descends upon us ...