Another End - ...Whispers From (Mulligore Productions)

The album in its entirety is eerie and dark but delivered in such a stunning manner.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2013 (All day)

Between you and me and whoever the hell else is reading this— my all time favourite subgenre of all subgenres of metal is hands down: sludge metal.

Michell Bidegain from doom beasts Monarch...

Slower. Heavier. Doomier...

Michell Bidegain, bassist with ultra-doom merchants Monarch, is in a car on his way to Hellfest in France, with high hopes of checking out (among

SaaR - The Last Day (Own Label)

Experimental (but not nearly enough)
Release Date: 
9 Jun 2013 - 11:30pm

French experimentalists SaaR haven't gone in for long-winded song titles, instead they've opted for Part I to Part IV on their latest release The Last Day

Stagnant Waters - Self Titled (Adversum)

It hurts so good...
Release Date: 
29 Oct 2012 - 12:30am

Oh My Fucking Word. Do you like it extreme? Really, really extreme? Have you ever wondered what absolute insanity sounds like?

Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock (Ajna Offensive/Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

Embrace the rhythms of the cells between the spaces...
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2012 - 11:30pm

Aluk Todolo's album Occult Rock is a diffcult album to review; it's experimental, it's heavy (there's bags of overdrive and feedback) but I'm not sure if calling it 'metal

The Great Old Ones - Al Azif (Ladlo Productions)

French black metallers love the craft of Lovecraft
Release Date: 
26 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

It’s obvious from both the band and album title that these French fellows are big fans of H.P Lovecraft.