Godz of War Productions

Masachist – Scorned (Selfmade God / Godz of War Productions)

Intense Death Metal from Poland.

Masachist can be considered an all-star band from Poland: including members Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha (Vesania, ex-Decapitated), <

Amorphous – A Perfect Evil (Let It Bleed Records/Godz of War Productions)

Extremely well-executed Deathgrind from Poland.

Amorphous, hailing from Wrocław (Poland) have already released an album and an EP, and now they are back with A Perfect Evil, an album that mixes elements

Hellspawn – The Great Red Dragon (Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho/Godz of War Productions)

Competent trad death metal from Poland.

 Poland never seems to stop breeding good death metal bands. It’s like a plague. Hellspawn is another name to count in that group.