Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage (Roadrunner)

Gojira has now established something more powerful and credible than just a brutal riff...
Release Date: 
25 Jun 2012 - 11:30pm

Here at Metal

Mastodon, Gojira & Kvelertak, Sydney HiFi Bar 01/03/12

A Chokehold of Tusk & Legend

They say when it rains, it pours and a bitter and drenched evening in Sydn

Gojira: Freedom Is To Be Human

Gojira is furious drumming, massive guitar riffs and a lot of emotion, yet the most important element is sincerity.

Gojira: One of the most musically powerful and commanding bands I have personally ever discovered. A band so motivated by the world around them.

Gojira Signs to Roadrunner Records

'We're stoked to walk with Roadrunner' says Joe Duplantier...

Roadrunner Records announced today the addition of French metal behemoths Gojira to the label.

Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier on Sonisphere, Soundwave and the new album

An artistic drummer? My word!

A heavy French accent drifts out from the tiny speaker on the phone; “Allo, I am Mario and I’m in France – the weather is very bad but everything is good and I feel very good...&r