Desertfest London 2015: eight more bands announced

Prepare yourself London, it's going to be dry and dusty in April as Desertfest rolls into town

Once again, Desertfest London fired a crushing salvo of heaviness by adding eight more kickass bands to their 2015 lineup. Floor, Karma To Burn

Malefice @ The Forum (Kent, England), 10 Mar 2010

UK bruisers Malefice bring the noise to the Home Counties.

Many people reading this won't have heard of Tunbridge Wells.

Corporatus Metallus: The Mad Social Experiment of a UK Metalhead continues...

Our experiment continues. Have we found a 'non-metal' man in the corporate world willing to put the stereotypes of metal to one side and get involved in the scene? Read on...

It's been about six months since the first Corporatus Metallus column for reasons that I will shortly go into so let me refresh your memories; I'm what the hippies would refer to a

Corporatus Metallus: The Mad Social Experiment of a UK Metalhead

Our first column from London... where MADman embarks on the most ambitious social experiment of all: bringing metal into corporate culture, and submerging his colleagues into the fiery depths of all that is brutal. Will he succeed? Or will he simply be fired? I guess we're all just going to have to find out.

In every office there is, without exception, at least one metaller. Most of the time you can never be entirely sure who.