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Sylosis – European co-headline tour announced!

A big European tour coming up for Sylosis with Wovenwar

Celebrating the release of their latest album, Dormant Heart on January 16, 2015, UK based modern thrash heroes Sylosis have announced that they will be returning to

Evile's Ben Carter 'we're not doing anything that any other band isn't'

Evile's hard-hitter Ben Carter (right) talks Jeff Hanneman, Skull, touring and even JLS' break-up!

Thrash metal's latest resurgence has brought forth some of the genres finest bands such as Warbringer, Municipal Waste or England's own Evile. 

Truth Corroded- Worship the Bled (Ultimhate Records)

Truth Corroded loves it when a plan comes together.
Release Date: 
16 Sep 2011 - 12:30am

Cohesion, concurrency, call it what you will. Its manifestation on an album takes untold hours of forethought and planning.