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WIN! WIN! WIN! With Metal as Fuck and PATAC Records!

You lucky people! Get involved in MaF's best - and most random - comp ever!

It's not often you get the chance to hand out magnificent, once in a lifetime prizes, no matter how cool, hip an' happening your website is, but today is one such day...

"Stop buying into poser 'burrito thrash' bands... " - My 2011 with PATAC Records

Continuing our series looking back at the last twelve months in metal with one of the best submissions we received... Enjoy!

Hoy hoy there senor PATAC, and thanks for joining in with our little survey. Straight into question one -     Best album you bought this year?

Deceased Will Never Die!

King Fowley and Deceased are one of those rare extreme metal bands that is truly in this game for life, no matter what it might throw at them. Hail to the King!