Testament - Sidewaves Announced!

And Jason Newsted hopes he won't be kicked off this bill too...

Testament is the quintessential heavy metal band. 

Sydonia - Reality Kicks (Price War)

Potential world domination alert...
Release Date: 
6 Feb 2014 - 11:30pm

The press release accompanying the review copy of this, Sydonia’s second full length release, is at great pains to tell us about the big metal names who like the band.

Twelve Foot Ninja - 'Troll Burger' Australian Tour 2014

What Does A Seven Foot Brown Bear & A Penthouse Model Have In Common?....

In honour of their much anticipated crowd funded video, Twelve Foot Ninja have announced an Australian headline tour this March/April.

HIM: The Romance With Rock

Wellington's Should Promote Rock Festivals...

Sitting in your lounge chair chugging your Java and contemplating blowing the literal popsicle stand of Europe to venture out to Australia has crossed the minds of a lo