Exodus: Something In The Water.... Or The Weed

"I joined the band on a Friday, the world found out on the Sunday and by Wednesday I was in the studio".

Whilst Australians were all preparing for umbrella drinks, Christmas hams and the annual blood bath at the mall Exodus wrapped up a string of shows on the west coast of the USA dur

It's official! Armageddon has come, prepare thyself North America

Heavy metal powerhouse Armageddon announce plans for a North American tour next month.

Dubbed the No Dead Weight Tour, the tour will encompass nine dates on the East Coast, where the band will play the entirety of their highly anticipated Captivity & Devourme

Chalice of Blood- Helig, Helig, Helig (Daemon Worship Productions)

A competent, if inessential, release.
Release Date: 
14 Jan 2015 - 11:30pm

Seemingly conjured straight from the crypts of the darkest Swedish cemetery, Chalice of Blood is a band that rigidly adheres to the clich├ęs of most underground black metal acts.