Batpiss: Groove & Space

"We have accepted that we do now have a sound of our own and that we should play on it”.

The three basics of a Batpiss performance are beers, impulsiveness and playing fucking loud!! According to vocalist/bassist, Thomy Sloane.

Total Negation - Zeltzeuge (Temple Of Torturous)

Crispy blackened doom metal...
Release Date: 
15 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

Having regained full hearing capacity, I'm currently loving (almost) everything that I'm listening to - including Total Negation's Zeltzeuge.

Sunn O))) releases live archives of unmixed and unmastered taper and fan recordings on BandCamp; Summer tour schedule approaching + vinyl represses available

The band is embracing the boot leggers and calling for fan contributions

Sunn O))) announces that their live, cathartic reverberations have been documented and can now be accessed via their live BandCamp page.