Setherial - Ekpyrosis (Regain/Riot)

One of the seminal bands of so called “Scandinavian Black Metal” is finally back with a new, astonishing release. More accurate, heavier and mind-boggling than ever, are Setherial ready to take this place of honour in the pantheon of the Nordic gods of black metal?

The year was 1996, when Setherial released its first official attack called Nord, a well-known classic for those who lived the early days of Black Metal.

Supports announced for Amon Amarth tour

Swedish metal veterans Entombed will support Amon Amarth on their upcoming tour of Scandinavia and the U.K. Also scheduled to appear are British Thrashers Evile. The trio also just confirmed three gigs in Finland.



Oct. 02 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia

Reawoken wrath of the Norsemen – welcome to the Scandinavian extreme metal scene

This is my first column ever for Metal as Fuck and my mission is to be your guide to things metal in Scandinavia. Trust me when I say this column, like all I write here, will be very personal and it will not be the complete guide to all things rock/metal in this region. This is a quite personal view but I will include links to other sources to help you dig deeper and find your version of the 'truth' as well.