Swedish Black Metal

Chalice of Blood- Helig, Helig, Helig (Daemon Worship Productions)

A competent, if inessential, release.
Release Date: 
14 Jan 2015 - 11:30pm

Seemingly conjured straight from the crypts of the darkest Swedish cemetery, Chalice of Blood is a band that rigidly adheres to the clichés of most underground black metal acts.

Watain with In Solitude - Nosturi, Helsinki, 21/01/14

Watain brought their occult ritual to Helsinki last January, joined by fellow Swedes In Solitude. We were there to try to catch some of the heady black metal in pictures.

Erik Danielsson: I Never Said Watain Was For Everyone....

Let chaos grab hold of you, let the darkness fuck you...

Despite popular opinion not everything that comes from the mouth of Erik Danielsson is arrogant and self aggrandising.

Watain - The Wild Hunt (Century Media)

The only way is up...
Release Date: 
17 Aug 2013 - 11:30pm

I like Watain. I might not take them as seriously as some folk but I do like them, and their fifth album gives me another reason to like them even more.

Arckanum - Fenris Kindir (Season of Mist)

Black metal dedication.

With two decades dedicated to true black metal and after the release of the excellent album Helvítismyrkr in 2011, Shamaatae (the only member behind Arckanum

Svartsyn – Black Testament (Agonia)

The underrated Black Metal classic band is back!
Release Date: 
28 May 2013 - 12:30pm

I remember the first time I’d heard Svartsyn from Sweden… they were so similar to other Swedish bands but like Lord Belial, Setherial and Mörk Gryning

Grift - Fyra Elegier (Nordvis)

Melancholic black metal from Sweden, poetic with the insignificance of the life of man in face of the timelessness of death.
Release Date: 
15 Apr 2013 (All day)

The needle on the record skips over the worn grooves as the double stopped fiddle drones in a slow folk partner dance.

Dark Funeral - Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 24/11/12

Infernal darkness and devastation delivered by the ferocity of Dark Funeral.
The Corner Hotel in Richmond often hosts metal bands, but Saturday night the trickle of black clad metalheads through the doors were garlanded with spikes, a few with corpsepaint, and most with s

Marduk – Serpent Sermon (Century Media)

Not Panzer Division part II... a brand new masterpiece instead!
Release Date: 
1 Jun 2012 - 12:30pm

Seasoned band Marduk has been known to surprise audiences along the years with their blistering form of black metal, always emulated but never really imitated.