Blitzkrieg 2010: Wacken Open Air, Party.San, and Summer Breeze

Faster, harder, louder... just how much metal is too much?

In 2008, Metalbeast and I made the long pilgrimage from Perth, which often feels like the most remote corner of the earth, to Germany for Wacken Open Air.

The Wacken Diaries - 03: Fun and games in the wind and rain

They say it's Wacken, rain or shine; they forgot to mention gale force winds.

Thursday – the first real day of the festival – and we woke to the sound of rain. Poking my head out of our tent, I was dismayed to discover it was very grey and very soggy outside.

The Wacken Diaries – 02: Day Zero

The festival hadn't yet started, but the fun had...

Wednesday was an early start: up at 6am, pack up all our shit, hotel breakfast, and then hustle down to the train station, meet up with Vagrant, and figure out how the hell we were going to get to