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Erik Rutan and Steve Tucker Issue Warfather album studio update

Masterminded by death metal veteran Steven Tucker, who recently rejoined Morbid Angel, the album marks the first time Tucker and Rutan have officially worked together since Morbid Angel's Gateways to Annihilation.

Warfather has issued a studio update on the progress of the band's as-of-yet-untitled sophomore album. Rhythm guitars, drums and bass tracks are completed.

Sextrash - Sexual Carnage (Greyhaze Records)

Sexual deviance is the raison d'etre and focus of Brazilian metal band Sextrash.
Release Date: 
13 Jan 2015 (All day)

Brazil has produced many excellent metal bands that have achieved recognition and notoriety beyond the shores of Latin America; Sepultura, most notably, Sarcofago,

Warfather: The Return Of Steve Tucker

Steve Tucker is back, and this time he's bringing a six string!

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the formation and signing of brand new death metal act Warfather, a devastating new unit conceived by ex-Morbid Angel

Sarcofago's 'Decade of Decay' To See First North American Release

Twenty tracks of Archival Brazilian wonder...

Florida-based Greyhaze Records will bring one of the rarest albums within the legacy of infamous Brazilian black/thrash overlords Sarcofago to North American shore

Hot Graves' 'Desecration Time' via Greyhaze Records

Florida's own Hot Graves, via Greyhaze Records, will have a 7", three-song vinyl released to prepare fans for their upcoming full-length

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of a brand-new 7” from blackened d-beat destroyers Hot Graves.