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Thrall to Release Vermin to the Earth on Halloween

Record lable coffers worldwide due to explode on October 31...

Obsidian Records presents Vermin to the Earth, the sophomore album from virulent black metal duo Thrall.

Thrall returns with second album, live shows

The Tasmanians are here to 'eviscerate your withered husk'. You have been warned.

Tasmanian black metal band Thrall are releasing their second album, Vermin to the Earth, on 25 October 2011 worldwide on Moribund Cult Records, and in Aus

The Dead (CD Launch), Laceration Mantra, Ouroborus, Revenant, Jubilee Hotel, 1st July, 2011

The Dead launch their new CD with the assistance of Laceration Mantra, Ouroborus and Revenant. Monstrothic's new home at The Jubilee Hotel has been affirmed, with a passionate crowd wreckin their necks to the punishing sounds...

Astriaal - Anatomy of the Infinite (Obsidian)

You have to be in the right mood to listen to Astriaal. And if you are, then this release - especially with close attention and repeat listens - is damn good.

Astriaal w/Lustration, Disentomb and Defamer @ Rosies Tavern 23rd July 2010

Sound the trumpets and ready the citadel, ASTRIAAL release their long awaited follow up to "Renascent Misanthropy", "Anatomy of the Infinite". Supported by Lustratiion, Disentomb and Defamer

Gallery: Astriaal @ Rosies Tavern 19 Feb 2010

Astriaal's long-awaited return to the stage was an awesome experience. Playing to a capacity crowd at Rosies tavern, they were supported by Laceration Mantra, Mongrels Cross and Disentomb.