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I Exist's Josh Nixon: "If a thrash band is boring then that's the ultimate sin"...

He might be more well known for playing doom and hardcore, but Canberran axepert Josh Nixon thrashes like a maniac, too...

Welcome to our latest Q & A, Mr Nixon - As Metal as Fuck is currently in the midst of Metal Thrashing May, we're talking thrash, and specifically the last thirty years of thrash metal.

I Exist Release Lightning Curse Single

In Anticipation of an East Coast Tour...

I Exist have premiered a brand new track Lightning Curse taken from their forthcoming album From Darkness.

Vigilante join Resist Records

Injecting The Australian Hardcore Punk Scene With A Much Needed Boost...

Compromised of some notorious individuals from Sydney and beyond, Vigilante have injected the Australian hardcore punk scene with a much needed boost o

Parkway Drive - Radio Friendly Unit Shifters?

Parkway Drive's "Home Is For The Heartless" achieves Gold status!

Resist Records is very pleased to announce that Parkway Drive’s new DVD “Home Is For

I Exist - II: The Broken Passage (Resist)

The Canberran band sledgehammers the 'difficult second album' syndrome.
Release Date: 
16 Jun 2011 - 11:30pm

Canberra’s I Exist burst onto the collective consciousness last year with an album, I: A Turn for the Worse, that almost single handedly knocked into a cocked hat al