Neuronspoiler, Primitai, The Barfly, London 23/08/13

Following one of the finest debut albums of the year so far, Neuronspoiler continued to support their stellar album alongside metal brothers Primitai.

Believe the hype. Neuronspoiler are a well-oiled metal machine.

Immension Rising - An interview with Jake Kearsley

Immension are fast emerging, with their sophomore EP 'The Enemy Within' being released on 12th August.

The unsigned UK metal scene is rife with bands that want to be the new Maiden, or the new Sabbath.

GRiMMoRTaL -- Execrating Normality (Frameshift Initiatives)

India's new wave of extreme metal personified in this deathcore outfit's debut album Execrating Normality.
Release Date: 
30 Mar 2013 (All day)

This album has an opener that packs quite the proverbial punch. Fast paced and heavy, Resistance sets the bar for Indian NWoEM newbies GRiMMoRTaL.

Serious Beak - Huxwhukw (Own Label)

It's seriously mental metal...
Release Date: 
26 Nov 2011 - 12:30am

Serious Beak could easily be named Serious Freak because this band is delightfully left of centre.

Thrash Metal band MANIACAL seeking a new vocalist.

Thrash Metal band MANIACAL seeking a new vocalist.

Thrash Metal band from Port Pirie are seeking a new vocalist.  If you are interested or know of someone who is interested please leave details and we'll get back to you A.S.A.P.

Blatherskite - Where the Wasteland Ends (Unsigned)

It recently occurred to me that I'm yet to give a positive review of an album on this site. This is my own fault in part, due to me reviewing whatever needs to be reviewed rather than just albums from bands I'm familiar with. Some would say it's also my own fault for having high standards, but I'd rather say it's the fault of most metal for being shit. I am pleased to announce, however, that I've finally got a good one.

Blatherskite's Where the Wasteland Ends is one of the best new albums I've heard from an Australian band in years, being the debut effort of a group of Sydney lads who cle

Defamer - Chasm (unsigned)

Defamer have already scored supports for legends like Carcass and Children of Bodom, so their debut album has every potential of being very good. And this Brisbane quintet have indeed given us some quality death metal.

Defamer are Sam Alcock (guitar), James Geekie (drums), Mitch Rogers (guitar), Krist Sadler (bass) and Ti

Templestowe - Cimmerian (unsigned)

There's not much to do in Canberra so you'd hope that Templestowe would have plenty of time to stay at home and write a good album. Seems that's exactly what they've done.

The first thing that struck me about this independently produced CD is the quality of product they've put together.

In the Spotlight: Finnish melodic death metallers Crystalic

Crystalic is the first band in Europe to win a Metal as Fuck spotlight feature, having scooped the pool by a long way. Of course, these guys didn't dare to think that they would win; or that they had fans and supporters, not just at home but also abroad, sufficient to see them charging to the post.




Lesser known band spotlight: BerserkerfoX

BerserkerfoX were the second winners of our lesser-known bands spotlight. A young band – their first show was just two years ago – they're focused, determined to get their product right, and to generate the right amount of hype to carry them into the future.