Pulverised to reissue My Own Grave debut

The debut album from Swedish death metallers My Own Grave, titled Unleash, will be reissued via Pulverised Records (release date TBA). The extended version of Unleash will be bundled with the Progression Through Deterioration 2004 Demo and two extra cover songs (“Orthodox” by Krabathor and “War Ensemble” by Slayer).



The remastering duties were handled by legendary multi-instrumentalist/engineering wizard Dan Swanö (Dissection, Marduk, Opeth, Bloodbath et al). In addition, the artwork and layout for Unleash will be altered and revamped, giving the reissue a brand new lease of life.



1) "Unleash"

2) "From The Ashes"

3) "Into Pieces"

4) "Spread The Plague"

5) "Where Carnage Reigns"

6) "Backdraft (Drowning In Fire)"

7) "Sheltered By Inferno"

8) "Soulstorm"

9) "Heathen Divinity"

10) "The Beyond"

11) "Theme For The Dead"

12) "Strangled By Life"


Bonus Tracks:

13) "Orthodox" (Krabathor cover)

14) "War Ensemble" (Slayer cover)


Progression Through Deterioration 2004 Demo:

15) "From The Ashes"

16) "Sheltered By Inferno"

17) "The Beyond"

18) "Theme For The Dead"

19) "Alcoholocaust"