4Arm announce 'Crush the Empire' tour dates

Aussie thrashers 4Arm are set to play eight shows across the country, kicking off this October.

Australian thrash metal band 4Arm are scheduled to play eight shows across Australia on their 'Crush the Empire' tour.

The tour kicks off in Melbourne on the 9th of October and ends on the 7th of November in Queensland. Known for their powerful and energetic live performances, the band are set to unleash fury across five of the nation's capital cities, 4Arm will be performing tracks from their second independent album release, The Empires of Death as well as tracks from their debut album, 13 Scars. The band is also scheduled to release a single for popular track Carnal, which will feature two live tracks recorded earlier this year.

The Crush The Empire Tour dates:

Melbourne | October 9, 22
Sydney | October 15
Adelaide | October 29
Perth | October 30
Brisbane | November 5
Sunshine Coast | November 6, 7*
*All ages event | Refer to 4arm.net for venue listing information.