Morbid Carnage to unleash Night Assassins

Hungarian thrash metal miscreants Morbid Carnage release details of their debut full-length, Night Assassins.

Hungarian thrash metal miscreants Morbid Carnage recently completed the recording of their debut full-length album Night Assassins, to be released via Singapore-based Pulverised Records later this year. Night Assassins features seven tracks of raw, molten, '80s-inspired hell thrash that reek of beer, evil, burning embers and empty graves. 

Night Assassins track listing:

  1. Warlust
  2. Slaughtering
  3. Funeral Pyre
  4. Empty Graves
  5. Deviant
  6. Castle In Pain
  7. Night Assassins

Check out the Night Assassins cover art and a 40-second video trailer from the record here: 


Morbid Carnage Cover Art

Formed in 2007 by members of Fagyhamu (Pagan black metal) and Concrete (vicious '80s thrash), the Morbid Carnage mission is simple: "We play in the old-school thrash style for the feeling. Enjoy our music and open a bottle of beer now in the name of metal! Night Assassins awaits you, Night Assassins kill you!" -- The Morbid Carnage Collective

Morbid Carnage is:

Blasphemy – Vocals / Drums

Churchburner – Guitars

Diguster – Guitars

Necrofaust – Bass