Soundworks are selling leftover merch reeeeeally cheaply

One of Australia's foremost tour promoters is selling left-over merchandise from recent tours, way cheap. If you missed out, or didn't have the cash at the time, you need to read this.


To place an order email Soundworks at this location and they'll send through payment details.


Most of these are in limited quantities so get in quick! See pics below for designs.



Arch Enemy 2009 Root Of All Evil Baseball Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL) $20.00

Arch Enemy 2009 Tyrants Of Evil Australian Tour - SS (L, XL) $15.00

Black Dahlia Murder 2007 Australian Tour - SS (L) $10.00 5 only!

Cephalic Carnage 2007 Australian Tour Hoodie - (S) $20.00 2 only!

Morbid Angel Extreme Music For Extreme Aussies - SS (M, L, XL) $10.00

Suffocation 2009 Blood Oath - LS (S, M, L, XL,) $15.00 6 only!

Suffocation 2009 20 Years Of Brutality - SS (S, L, XL) $15.00

Suffocation 2009 Blood Oath - SS (S, XXL) $15.00 3 only!

Whitechapel We All Will Spread Disease - SS (S,YL) $10.00

Whitechapel Girly (M, L, XL) $10.00 5 only

Winds Of Plague Impaler - SS (S, M, L) $10.00


Soundworks selling left-over tour merchandise cheaply




Arch Enemy 2009 Australian Tour A2 $5.00

Black Crusade 2007 Perth Show A2 $5.00 1 only!

Cannibal Corpse 2009 Australian Tour A2 $5.00 4 only!

Carcass 2008 Australian Tour A2 $5.00 6 only!

God Forbid 2007 Australian Tour A2 $5.00

The Black Dahlia Murder/ Cephalic Carnage 2007 Australian Tour A2 $5.00