Year Of No Light announce sophomore album details

Year Of No Light has become one of the most recognized names of the atmospheric genre.

Year Of No Light's atmospheric, slow-burning, spacious anthems have been heralded as unique and of a more pure pedigree than the herds of bland post-rock clones roaming around, and the band have amassed an extremely loyal fanbase over recent years. Through constant live performances across Europe and their beautifully crafted, powerful recordings -- including previous split/compiled releases with Nadja, Souvenir's Young America, Rosetta, East of the Wall and countless others, as well as their critically acclaimed Nord full-length -- Year Of No Light has become one of the most recognized names of the genre.

The band's next offering has been completed, in the form of their upcoming full-length release Ausserwelt, and if their previous recordings didn't convince you, this album will surely emphasize the band's importance to you. To be released April 26th on Conspiracy Records (LP version on Music Fear Satan), Ausserwelt is a bellowing, vibrant explosion of crushing but airy riffs, which explores more scathing and cerebral atmospheres than ever before over the course of its four extensive passages.

Ausserwelt track listing:

  1. Perséphone I
  2. Perséphone II
  3. Hiérophante
  4. Abbesse

Check out the album art, live footage and more here.

Year Of No Light Ausserwelt