Black Wire Records in-store showcase

Annandale-based Black Wire Records, in a continued show of support for the local music scene, are hosting an in-store showcase on March 20

With the number of pub venues continuing to dwindle, it is often Australia’s underground, fringe and niche artists that find themselves on the wrong end of the budget axe.

Black Wire Records are quite simply, one of the only record stores across this sparse nation of ours that still actively supports Australia’s burgeoning underground music scene. For the last 12 months the has put on at least three in-store gigs every single week, giving a space for Sydney indie, DIY, punk, crust, grind, noise, rock, metal and hardcore bands to perform.

Come March 20, Black Wire Records will be hosting an all-ages in-store showcase of some of Sydney’s fastest and most dissonant underground groups – all for a mere $5. The evenings headliners are Dee Why’s positive powerviolence duo Michael Crafter, who provide an extremely unique blast of grinding punk rock mixed with a bizarrely entertaining, almost naïve sense of humour.

Meanwhile Battle Pope aggressively wield their pious brand of hyper-sexualised all-swinging, all-blasting mix of sludge/grind like a Paladin would wield his blessed sword. Then, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt offer up short bursts of jazz-influenced dissonant intensity.

The afternoon opens up with obnoxious powerpop trio Sweet Teeth and young thrashing punkers McLovin.

It kicks off at 3pm, it's BYOB, and it's all ages. Get on it and show your support!

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