Deceased album drops on Friday 13th

The veteran horror deathsters are back with their first all new splatter platter since 2005...

Deceased, the long-running metal maestros who have kept the faith since 1985, all the while summoning a slew of cult releases and building up an immensely dedicated fanbase that has followed the band merrily into hell and back. Now, at the dawn of 2011, King Fowley and his band of 'bangers have returned with Surreal Overdose, their first full-length album of all-new material since 2005's As The Weird Travel On. Armed with a May 13th release date, the album will be unleashed by PATAC Records.

The band is acurrently streaming two new songs - Kindred Assembly and The Traumatic - on their official website. Take a listen here:

Surreal Overdose track listing:

1. Skin Crawling Progress (7:00)
2. Kindred Assembly (4:30)
3. The Traumatic (5:30)
4. Cloned (Day of the Robot) (5:40)
5. Vulture Shock (4:55)
6. In the Laboratory Of Joyous Gloom (6:55)
7. A Doom-Laden Aura (1:20)
8. Dying In Analog (7:50)

Ringleader King Fowley triumphantly returned to the drum kit for this recording, handling both drums and vocals. The band also welcomed in longtime live member Shane Fuegel on guitar (replacing long time band member Mark Adams who retired from music in 2007), while Mike Smith continued on studio guitar alongside longtime bassist Les Snyder.

The new record was recorded at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia with Kevin Gutierrez engineering and King Fowley producing. The CD will be handled in the states by the band's own label, Shrieks from the Hearse Records, alongside PATAC Records. Hell's Headbangers will handle the vinyl edition.