The New Dead Metalfest: November 19th

Fowlers Live is the venue for a new metallic feast...

Truth Inc Records brings to you a new Metalfest in the label's home state of South Australia that is seeking to present some of Australia's best new and established heavy music bands at an all day event. Held at Fowlers Live in Adelaide on Saturday November 19, the all ages festival will represent a range of Australian heavy music from the thrash metal of Truth Corroded, Se Bon Ki Ra and Eye Of The Enemy to the death / deathcore of Humonic, This Side of the Massacre and Down Royale,  the tech / cyber metal of Synthetic Breed through to the melodic metalcore of Infiltrator and Arcadia.  Another big feature of the event will be to introduce some of South Australia's best up and coming new metal bands such as Exethur, Chaos Burning, Sever Hill and Sirius who will be kicking off the event from 2pm.

Tickets are available now for only $15 at or $18 at the door on the day, with 13 killer bands here's your chance to show your unity and raise your horns for your home grown - Sat. Nov. 19 - get ready to destroy !