Norse Announces New Session Member, Returns to live scene

New release on the horizon too!

Extreme metal outfit Norse - currently in the studio recording the follow-up to its 2010 debut full-length effort Hellstorm - has today announced the addition of new studio and live session bass guitarist Gavin Miller [Synperium] to their ranks. Miller joins founding members Treelo Herrington and Robin ‘Frog’ Stone (The Amenta) with session rhythm guitarist Shayne Querruel, who held their first rehearsal as a four piece earlier this month in anticipation of their forthcoming live shows, scheduled for August and September.

“We chose Gavin to play bass as we know him well, both as a friend and a musician,” explained guitarist and vocalist Herrington. “Frog and I have both played in and out of bands with him since we were teenagers, he's not just well rehearsed as a musician but we get along great as well. He'll be touring with us and laying session bass tracks down on the album.”

“We have been rehearsing hard with him to get ready for the upcoming shows,” added Frog [drums] on the recruitment of Gavin. “We feel that Norse is defiantly the strongest it has ever been at this point with every player being at the same level of musicianship and technical ability."

Entering the studio in the beginning of June 2011, Norse is at present recording its sophomore album with engineer Harvey O’Sullivan, which is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of this year and is “coming together as a darker and less thrash driven” effort than that of its predecessor, as explained by Herrington. "After extensive writing and demoing sessions, we finally reached a point with the new
material we were happy with and we were ready to start recording,” remarked Frog on the progress of the new album. “Treelo and Shayne have been hard at work tracking guitars… and next up will be drums/bass. We're hoping to have everything completed by October 2011.”

Norse has announced two live shows during the band’s recording sessions, they are as follows:

August 21st at The Gaelic Theater
September 3rd at Club Venom, Agincourt Hotel