Earth: New Tour Dates Confirmed

Plenty of road work ahead...


After several months of silence, following bursts of worldwide touring in support of their two-part Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light album series, Earth have confirmed a full US tour this Fall.

The most extensive American tour Earth have planned since their 1990 inception, the Seattle purveyors of the slow-motion riff will traverse the country and back on a twenty-six date run, from the last week of October until just before Thanksgiving. Along the way the quartet will take part in the massive annual Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas alongside literally dozens of international artists of all genres. This will be the first U.S. tour since they hit the road in support of Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I in 2011, the band’s set for the tour confirmed to contain a majority of the material from Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II.

While the band is touring in support of the Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light albums, the Earth lineup for this voyage will be the touring lineup from the band’s lauded 2008 LP The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull, comprised of Steve Moore on keys and trombone, Don McGreevy on bass, Adrienne Davies on drums and founder Dylan Carlson on guitar.

Preceding the newly announced US dates, Earth also has also confirmed a full tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan through most of September! This venture will be performed as a trio; Dylan Carlson, Adrienne Davies and Don McGreevy.

EARTH September 2012 New Zealand / Australia Tour Dates:

07/09/2012 SF Bathhouse - Wellington, NZ

08/09/2012 King's Arms - Aukland, NZ

09/09/2012 The Zoo - Brisbane

12/09/2012 The Toff in Town - Melbourne

13/09/2012 The Hi-Fi Bar - Sydney

14/09/2012 Fowlers Live - Adelaide

15/09/2012 Rosemount Hotel - Perth

16/09/2012 Corner Hotel - Melbourne


EARTH Japan Tour w/ Mamiffer, special guest Boris:

19/09/2012 Earthdon - Tokyo w/ Mamiffer

20/09/2012 Pangea - Osaka w/ Mamiffer

21/09/2012 Club Upset - Nagoya w/Mamiffer, Eternal Elysium

22/09/2012 Fever - Tokyo w/ Mamiffer, Boris

EARTH US Fall Tour:

24/10/2012 Rotture - Portland, OR w/ Fontanelle, Stebmo

26/10/2012 Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock - Los Angeles, CA w/ Fontanelle, Stebmo

28/10/2012 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA w/ Fontanelle, Stebmo

29/10/2012 Soda Bar - San Diego, CA w/ Stebmo

31/10/2012 Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ w/ Balmorehea, Stebmo

02/11/2012 Auditorium Shores - Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Festival

03/11/2012 Bryan Street Tavern - Dallas, TX w/ Stebmo

04/11/2012 One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA w/ Stebmo

06/11/2012 Will’s Pub - Orlando, FL w/ Stebmo

07/11/2012 The Earl - Atlanta, GA w/ Daughn Gibson, Stebmo

08/11/2012 Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC w/ Stebmo

09/11/2012 Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, DC w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

11/11/2012 Littlefield - Brooklyn, NY w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

11/11/2012 TT the Bears - Cambridge, MA w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

12/11/2012 Johnny Brenda’s - Philadelphia, PA w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

13/11/2012 Altar Bar - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

14/11/2012 Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

15/11/2012 Taft Ballroom - Cincinnati, OH w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

16/11/2012 Township - Chicago, IL w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

17/11/2012 Township - Chicago, IL w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

18/11/2012 Triple Rock Social Club - Mnneapolis, MN w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

19/11/2012 The Record Bar - Kansas City, MO w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo

21/11/2012 Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO w/ Stebmo

24/11/2012 The Shakedown - Bellhingham, WA w/ The Body, Low Hums

25/11/2012 The Crocodile - Seattle, WA w/ The Body, Stebmo