LOG – Second Album digital re-release available now for FREE on Art As Catharsis!

Get some swinging stoner/sludge rock up yas!

LOG represent one of the great lost relics of Australia’s now-defunct Metal for the Brain festival. At their height, LOG were one of the heaviest and catchiest party bands on the face of the earth – an unholy marriage of Blood Duster, Eyehategod, Weedeater and highly sexualised high-energy rock and roll.

Their second album (creatively titled LOG’s Second Album) has remained one of the all-time highlights from the Australian underground since its original release back in 2003. Now, 9 years on, LOG’s brilliant swinging stoner-sludge-rock is released back into the wild through Art As Catharsis.

LOG are an experiment in excessive, down-trodden heaviness: their lumbering stoner grooves are infused with monolithic slabs of thick, de-tuned sludge. The sextet features two Sunn-wielding guitarists adjoined by a pair of bowel-rumbling bass players, a drummer and a blues-harp-wielding frontman who exudes energy and class. Live they are occasionally joined by a masked mascot whose entire role seems to comprise of partying and thrusting his hips in a sexualised manner.

Let the wild, unbridled energy of LOG’s sludge doom rock kick your next party into a blood orgy of swinging slam dancing and intense sexual thrusting. You will not regret it.

So download this shit, fool. This is heaviest, classiest sludge you are ever going to hear – AND IT’S FREE!

LOG’s Second Album was recorded in Sydney in 2002 and originally released through Highbeam Music in 2003. Nowdays LOG’s members are now scattered across the Australian stoner highlights Looking Glass and Pod People, as well as Boonhorse, Veebees, Disavow and Shifter.