Dead: Idiots Abroad.

US tour and vinyl/digital reissue imminent!

Having spread their bastard seeds across at least three continents on this globe since their 2010 inception, Melbourne, Australia-based duo Dead will return to the USA in just a few short weeks on a DIY trek of some of the finer dives the Northwestern states have to offer.

In 2011 Dead released their debut LP, Thundaaaaah, on Wantage USA and in Australia on their own label, We Empty Rooms, known for its limited vinyl presses of the finest heavy noise rock from Australia (Fire Witch, Pure Evil Trio) and elsewhere (VAZ, Cyberne). The Idiots LP, released in Australia by We Empty Rooms last year, will now see stateside release through Portland outsider D.I.Y. label Eolian Empire. Set for infiltration on 180-gram LP and digital download, Eolian will officially drop Idiots on August 13th, just days after Dead ships in for their second tour of duty in the States.

Dead’s newest fifteen-date D.I.Y.-booked venture will kick off on August 8th; the first eight dates see them pummeling a path from Minneapolis through the Dakotas and Montana and into Spokane, before heading back out to Missoula, Montana as they make their return to Total Fest XII on August 17. This is all followed by a week-long tour of the Pacific Northwest with Towers which will start and end in Portland -- home of Eolian Empire -- with a US record release/tour kickoff with Rabbits and Towers on Sunday August 18th. Dead and Towers will also be doing a live-on-the-air radio performance on Saturday August 24 between 5-7pm on KPSU. The band will also stop in LA for a few days to record their next record with Toshi Kasai (Big Business, Melvins) while on tour.

Comprised of Jace on bass/vocals and Jem on drums/vocals, Dead is a Voltron-like beast formed from stripped-to-the-bone Karp and Melvins, ultra-heavy aberrations of Wire and Gang of Four angular punk, odd technical riffage of GodHeadSilo and No Means No, the aggro Aussie vibes of Feedtime, and creepshow experimentation. Sounds pretty cool, right? It's no wonder Dead has been invited to play with Big Business, White Shit, Hammerhead, VAZ, Gay Witch Abortion, Monarch, Earthless, Black Cobra, Eagle Twin, Cough, Eternal Elysium, Carburetor Dung, Hard-Ons and a heap of other bands just as good but not as famous. They’ve toured Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the US.