In Death Reveal Details on Upcoming EP Thanatos

We’re absolutely stoked on what we’ve got on our hands here!

The In Death camp has been busily working behind closed doors on their upcoming EP, which as many of you know, has been mixed and mastered by the legendary Logan Mader.


The official launch date has been set for the 23rd of March 2013, but before the 5 piece announce the details of their nation-wide tour they wanted to give everyone an early glimpse of what’s to come.


Vocalist Krugga says: “We’re absolutely stoked on what we’ve got on our hands here. It’s been a long hard road to get to this point, especially for an EP, but I can assure all our fans that it most certainly will be worth the wait!”


Bassist Danika Ruohonen: “The meaning behind the title Thanatos is: The daemon personification of death – as per Greek mythology. It also has relevance to post Freudian psychology, which in that context, is the term given to the “death drive” in which people are compelled to take unnecessary risks, or engage in self destructive behaviour. Either way, we think it fits our band and this release perfectly.”