Finntroll Announce Australian Tour!

Humppa Humppa! Folk-juhla!!

Finland's ultimate purveyors of darkness, grandeur and ferocity, Finntroll, are set to embark on a medieval crusade back down under this June after rave reviews from their last visit back in 2011.

According to legend their formation was conceived one drunken night in 1997 when after a heavy dose of beer and vodka, the bands axeman Somnium (who sadly left our realm for another in 2003) thought it would be a great idea to mix heavy guitars with the melodic ‘humppa’ style of Finnish polka. When it still sounded good to him after sobering up, the concept was kept and Finntroll was born! Now with six albums under their collective pelts, the bands influence is obvious in the ‘folk metal’ scene. Their ferociously fun live show which sees them dressed completely in troll attire right down to their floppy and pointed ears is visually entrancing. Add to it their powerful death metal riffs, brooding keys, pounding black metal intensity and some super catchy 80’s pop style groove and you have the ingredients for one of the most exciting and otherworldly live shows going.

With album number six, Blodsvept (Shrouded In Blood in English) Finntroll have embarked on a new musical conquest. Under its raw and aggressive surface you will find duelling banjos and even some samba influences. The band even describe some of the songs as ‘Beetlejuice on crack’ and ‘our own take on the Flying Spaghetti Monster’ There is a fine line between genius and insanity and Finntroll walk it right down the middle.

Finntroll’s trollish hoedown metal is utterly contagious and will have their Australian fans dancing and humppaing along well into the night!

Tour Dates: June 2014


Wednesday 18th – Brisbane – The Zoo

Thursday 19th – Adelaide – The Gov

Friday 20th – Melbourne – The Evelyn

Saturday 21st – Sydney – Manning Bar

Sunday 22nd – Perth – Amplifier