Hacktivist release new single and video for Deceive and Defy

Hacktivist tease with another tune from their still in development debut full length album

Milton Keynes-based tech-metal-grime-rock hybrid Hacktivist have released brand new track Deceive and Defy, the follow up single to False Idols and is the latest track to emerge from the currently ongoing sessions for the band's debut full-length album. The track also features guest vocals from Charlie Holmes from UK hardcore quintet Heart In Hand.

Delays in the writing / recording process mean these tracks have taken a few months longer to see the light of day than anticipated, but seeing as Hacktivist were already so far ahead of the game to begin with, and given that no other band has come along to provide even a laughable challenge, they can afford the lost time.

Earlier in 2014 the band ventured down under for their first ever Australian shows, appearing at Soundwave Festival, and toured Europe as special guests of Korn before starting the 2014 European festival circuit and opening for Limp Bizkit in France.

Deceive and Defy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1AiCDcObFM

False Idols https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ewEZxsSGxE&feature=youtu.be