Lord: New Box Set Release Announced

Australian metal legends Lord have re-recorded all four official albums with their new line-up and are releasing them as a box set with a bonus USB, patch and T (if you pre-order)!

Australian melodic metal masters Lord have announced their latest box set release The Dungeon Era comprising all 4 official Dungeon albums (Resurrection, A Rise To Power, One Step Beyond and Pariah) re-recorded with the current band and modern production. The release is also accompanied by a USB all access pass packed with retrospective Dungeon nostalgia as well as digital versions of the re-recordings and remix/remasters of the original releases.

Slated to be released November 1 to coincide with their appearance at the Steel Assassins True Metal Festival in Sydney, the band has announced exclusive pre-orders for fans through their online webstore.

Commented by Lord Tim 'From a business point of view, we are doing this to regain control of our rights and make sure the writers of these great songs get their well-deserved time in the spotlight. Due to labels folding or not really getting behind these albums the first time, a lot of this material was lost in the background noise. This release gives us the opportunity to give these songs a second chance, and hopefully for the ex-Dungeon members who wrote a lot of this material to see something back for all of their amazing work.

From an artistic point of view, while we've been proud of everything we've ever done and it was the best we could do at the time, there was always a desire to hear this done not just 'as good as we could do' but 'exactly as we always imagined it.' Due to budget or technology restraints, there was always a level of compromise. This release answers the question: 'What if it wasn't like that?'

And from a continuity point of view, we really consider Dungeon to be the first era of the band we're currently calling Lord. We still play the Dungeon back-catalogue live, and now with this being Dungeon's 25th anniversary, it was a good opportunity to expose new fans to these awesome old songs, and formally unite both eras of the band.'

All pre-orders will also receive an exclusive and limited edition t-shirt, patch and sticker.