Ne Obliviscaris: Fund Their World Tour!

Melbourne, Australian progressive/extreme metallers NE-O have launched a massive world tour crowdfunding campaign!

Ne Obliviscaris are coming to a town near you, wherever you live - but they need a bit of help. We received this message from the band yesterday: "Want to help ensure Ne Obliviscaris tour to your country? We have lined up a world tour taking in Europe, UK, North America, Australia, India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia & more, but we need your help to make all these shows become a reality. Help us reach our target of $40,000AUD and we GUARANTEE all of these tours will take place. If we raise more than our target we'll use the extra money to add more shows in more cities in more countries!"

The band continues: "With our new album done and due out later this year through Season Of Mist worldwide, we have turned our attention back to touring and trying to come play to ALL of you once this new album comes out! Literally every day we get contacted by people asking us when we are finally going to tour Europe, the UK, North America, India or after our successful tour throughout Asia in 2013, when are we going to come back and tour there again or a number of other places all around the world. One of the difficult things about being a band from Australia is that we are really far away from most places in the world, and that means to do an extensive world tour would unfortunately cost us a lot of money". 

On the nuts and bolts of touring, they have this to say: "We have worked out that return flights from Australia to Europe/UK, Asia & North America alone will cost us over $50,000 AUD (and that’s not even including any internal flights/van hire or accommodation costs). And as much as we are desperate to come out and play for all our fans across the world we unfortunately just don’t have this sort of money at this stage in our careers and so to make these tours happen we need YOUR help. So we’ve decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign for our world tour in the hope of making ALL of these tours happen, and we’ve worked out that if we can raise $40,000 dollars through this campaign that we’ll be able to guarantee you guys tours to Europe, the United Kingdom, North America & Asia (including Japan, India, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & South East Asia). Whilst you guys are welcome to just donate money to help make this happen for nothing in return, we’ve also come up with some really exciting rewards for you guys in addition to our guarantee that we’ll be touring your country in 2014 or 2015 if this campaign is a success. We have always felt extremely fortunate to have such amazing fans that are so passionate about Ne Obliviscaris and the music that we create. And we are so excited about the prospect of touring the world and coming to see you all very soon, but before we can guarantee that that will be able to happen, we need your help. So donate to our crowdfunding campaign on Pozible, help us reach our target and we’ll see you guys on tour sometime real soon."