Ne Obliviscaris: Hear a track from new album Citadel here!

One of the most eagerly-awaited Australian releases of 2014 is almost upon us, and you can get a taste of it's brilliance now!

November 7th sees the release of Citadel, the much-anticipated second album from Melbourne based extreme metal troupe Ne Obliviscaris. 

That's nearly a month away, which seems a hell of a long time to wait, so, thanks to the band themselves and our chums at their label Season of Mist, we're offering you the chance of a sneak listen to a track from the album well in advance!

The track in question, Pyrrhic, is described by Ne Obliviscaris as '10 minutes of some of the most intense music we've ever written', but don't take their word for it - have a listen now and decide for yourself!