Exorcism working on new album

Exorcism continues along the path and legacy of bands like Black Sabbath and Dio, while taking a more modern approach.

Doomy heavy metallers Exorcism are working on the follow-up to their acclaimed 2014 debut album I Am God. In a few days, the singer/producer Csaba Zvekan will enter TMS Studios in Spain to kick off the vocals recordings with producer Jeff Billmann. Gus Freeze recorded the drums for the CD and the guitars are in the process of being laid down right now by Andy Drake.

Over the top of the sonic soundscape soars Csaba Zvekan‘s phenomenal vocals, with I Am God having been nominated numerous time for the best record of 2014 Csaba is keen to get new material into the hands of his fans and cement his position as one of metals great singers. Get ready for the second round of monster stories.

Exorcism 2015:

Csaba Zvekan – Vocals

and studio musicians:

Andy Drake – Guitars
Chris Logan – Bass
Alex Wind – Keyboards
Gus Freeze – Drums

The producer and engineer Jeff Billmann together with Csaba Zvekan are responsible for forging this melodic doom driven piece of metal. Mixing will be done by Ricky Roxx at Elborato Productions and later mastering by Steven Silbermann at Jewel Entertainment.

The mastered album is expected to be ready in March. A label for the release has yet to be confirmed.