Serious Beak launch crowdfunding campaign for their new album Ankaa

Serious Beak are a progressive metal band that makes the human race cry a thousand tears of joy and confusion. Watch their crowdfunding video below!

Serious Beak have launched a crowdfunding campaign to press their long-awaited new album, Ankaa, on vinyl.

Four years after their epic battle against Huxwhukw, the feathered foursome have emerged from their hypersonic beak cave, armed with a weapon of mass prog-duction: 

Their new album.

But to print this mind-melting masterpiece of psychedelic prog glory on vinyl they need your help!

Help these mighty prog warriors ride again into sonic victory, and be part of a legacy to change everything..

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Serious Beak’s Ankaa sees release 3 November on Art As Catharsis and Bird’s Robe Records. The first single from the album will be dropping soon.