The Wrath to release Disillusions & Resolutions LP - September 18

In their tenure as one of Australia's most high-energy and well respected punk/rock acts, The Wrath have broken down barriers between genres - they get love in the punk, rock, metal, rockabilly, hardcore, goth and industrial realms.

The Wrath are here to stay. For longer than they care to remember, they have been tearing it up on stages across the country and been dropping badass punk rock albums that have never slowed up.

Now they are bringing their most wicked release to date, Disillusions and Resolutions - 11 tracks of true lose-your-shit hard-out punk rock. The last 12 months has seen The Wrath in the studio laying down what became Disillusions and Resolutions. The record is now slated for a September 18th release.

The album almost never came to light, with Tommy Creeper, vocalist for the outfit, losing all the master files to a hard drive failure - so the resulting re-recording of the entire album has been a steep but cathartic journey to see it's completion.

The single Misgivings are Through is a straight-up punk track in the vein of The Misfits. It just doesn't let up. A video will be coming for the track very soon, ahead of the record's release in the meantime check out a stream below.

The Wrath are Tommy Creeper - a maniac on the mic - his darkwave vocals aren't just filled with passion, they are laced with old-school crooner style. The guitars of the crew are looked after by Spectre Deano and the deadly Carina Hellbunny Deluxe. The sound is then anchored to the grave by the newly super-charged rhythm section of Jase Hand on drums and The Count on Double Bass.

Over the years, The Wrath have carved their own niche in the Australian music sub-culture world that has seen them gain respect from bands and audiences alike. They have shared the stage and kicked out the jams in venues with likes of The Misfits, The Meteors, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, The 69 Eyes, Pulley and I Killed the Prom Queen.

The Wrath's Disillusions and Resolutions will be released on Friday September 18th and more information can be found at