Churches of Steel - True Heavy Metal Fest Adelaide 2017

It's all happening in Adelaide

Adelaide has long been hailed the city of churches, and for one day only religion is being replaced with traditional heavy metal for the NEW “Churches of Steel” music festival.

Saturday 4th February 2017 at the Producer’s Bar on Grenfell Street, Adelaide, sees a festival inspired by those that rocked before. Influenced by Steel Assassins and Legions of Steel, McEwen Management are the brains behind the event. Headlining the Churches of Steel festival are Melbourne bands Black Majesty and Eyefear, with two stages of metal for your viewing pleasure. The festival is set to be an annual event in Adelaide and brings a strong and 'true' metal culture to the city...

Get your battle jackets, high tops, tight jeans and wield the steel! Doors open at 1:30pm, all ages event:

Tickets: ($20): or OzTix:


Black Majesty Official (VIC)
EYEFEAR (VIC)                                                 
Electrik Dynamite (VIC)
Darker Half (NSW)                                                    
Mason Official (VIC)                          
Death Dependantt (WA)                                            
Murder-World (NSW)                                                
Espionage (VIC)                                                                                 
MAMMOTH (SA)                   
Hidden Intent (SA)                                                    
Shadow Realm (SA)  
Raven black night (SA)                                             
Skyhammer (SA)
Lucifer's Fall (SA)