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Vipassi Premiere 'Benzaiten' from Forthcoming Album 'Sunyata' through Metal As Fuck

Now Vipassi add a new chapter to the story with the instrumental highlight 'Sunyata'.

Instrumental music traditionally has a harder time in metal as in other genres. All too often, virtuoso musicians have used their talent mainly to stroke already massive egos.

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Release 'Big Mouth' Lyric Video

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons loudly shoves you head-first into its raw, gritty, classic and instantly-accessible rock’n’roll charms

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons are about to fly a mighty Welsh-born rock’n’roll flag in your direction!

Blastfest Ultimatum: Cancel Band Or Cancel Festival…

Dun, Dun, Duuuun!

In light of the festivals partners receiving pressure from extreme left political groups, Blastfest organisers regretfully have no other choice than to cancel the appearance of Fre

Inquisition & Rotting Christ Have Embarked on European Tour

"See you all in the battlefield and let’s raise serious hell!"

Rotting Christ and Inquisition embarked on their massive European tour with opening acts Mystifier and Shammasch at Hamburg'

Saxon Release Video For 'Battering Ram' From Forthcoming Live Album 'Let Me Feel Your Power'

Material collected from Munich, Brighton & Chicago

British NWOBHM legends Saxon will unleash Let Me Feel Your Power, their 10th live album, on October 21st via UDR Music.

Canine Release New Video for 'From Ashes'

Groooove from the east...

Canine is a four piece metalcore, groove orientated band originally from Modiin, Israel now Tel Aviv.

Weedeater Have Embarked on European Tour

Sludge hits the EU

Weedeater have set out on a string of European shows starting at Cassiopeia in Germany's capital Berlin last night.

I Prevail Announce Debut Album

With a new video 'Stuck In Your Head'

Detroit Post-Hardcore band I Prevail, Fearless Records and Caroline Australia have officially announced that the bands debut, full-lengt

Steel Panther Announce February 2017 Release of 'Lower The Bar'

She’s Tight is Steel Panther’s “sexified” version of the Cheap Trick song and promises the skin that was left out of the 1982 hit.

Steel Panther, the glam rock band known for capturing the hearts of girlfriends and wives around the globe, announced today while on tour in Munich, Germany that their new album, <

WOA: Full Metal Mountain 'Short Stay' Deals Announced

The Full Metal Mountain Short Stay Package – book FFM as a weekend trip!

You want to join Full Metal Mountain, but you can’t take days off for a whole week? In this case you should check out our Short Stay offer!