Release Reviews

To many people pagan/folk bands pretty much sound the same, though they may come from Ireland or Azerbaijan. You can't listen to Arkona and mistake their Russian origin, however. And with one of the best female metal vocalists, Arkona is an act to watch out for...
With 25 releases, twenty-odd years under their belt and a name inspired by a man with a black plastic penis hat and chronic asthma, Polish deathsters Vader had to produce something pretty nasty to live up to the reputation of their namesake.
Individually, Outloud have some big names on their CV – Firewind, Helloween, Talon…okay, biggish. But with comparisons to Skid Row and Foreigner all over the place, is their debut album We’ll Rock You To Hell and Back Again from this fivesome thirty-odd years out of date?
Sure it's cool now to make fun of Bon Jovi, Poison, Warrant, Van Hagar, etc but hell remember when you used to hear guitars in the top ten? When there were real songs on the charts, not spliced-and-diced mangled riffs stolen by some would-be gangster, or covers by failed pop idol gimps?
From a band with an amazing creative momentum and longevity comes a superb anthology of genre-shaping classics.
The Japanese are a strange bunch. They make games about hallucinogen-dependent plumbers, create horrifically violent cartoons and are responsible for 'Takeshi's Castle,' which makes 'Jackass' look like 'Waiting for Godot.' However, they can also fucking annihilate when it comes to doom metal, as Church of Misery prove.
Bloodwork begins in true Wednesday 13 style as fans familiar with his Frankenstein’s Dragqueens from Planet 13 and Murderdolls bands will recognise: catchy, spooky music with a punk-metal edge. Finishing with a couple of slower, movingly sung, acoustic tracks this album is a great showcase of the talent of the man known as Wednesday 13.
Crack your "Parental Advisory" stickers out, 80s retro comedy rockers Steel Panther are on the warpath - their target? Ladies. Oh, and everything pure and decent in this world. As well as "butt metal." Pass that hairspray, will ya?
When your name means “vomiting fecal matter” you really are setting yourself up for bad reviews aren’t you? But you know what, these shit spewing death/grind New Yorkers nail it on this, their debut album.
One man band Alex “Carpathian Wolf” (formerly Al’ Hazred of Melechesh) unleashes his second solo album under the Conspiracy moniker, Concordat. This release is an unapologetic, back-to-basics punch in the face.