Beneath The Massacre - Dystopia (Prosthetic records)

Beneath the Massacre offer a brain-crushing style with Dystopia that is beyond reproach.
Release Date: 
1 Oct 2008 (All day)


For those not in the know Beneath the Massacre is a hardcore-influenced extreme metal band from Qubec in Canada. Now don't let that deter you, as i'm sure those that enjoy Canadian extreme music know that fine country is responsible for such brutal acts as Cryptopsy, Kataklysym and Celine Dion. And like the latter, Beneath the Massacre offer a brain crushing style that is beyond reproach.

But unlike lovely Celine, Beneath The Massacres' offerings of expressions de brutalité musicale is far more listenable - to us metal folk anyways. I have been following BTM since their first offering of mind altering tunes, 2005s Evidence of Iniquity. This and 2007s Mechanics of Dysfunction have firmly put them amongst the heavy-weights of the deathcore (how i hate using that description) world.

Now some of you may have lost interest when i mentioned the the above, but fear not, BTM are not screamo; sceneo or rheamo. They are most matallic dans le plus haut ordre, and Dystopia confirms that.

The vocals of Elliot Desanges deliver the socially minded lyrics with passion and commitment. Ranging from deep growls to harcore bellows one cannot help but be awestruck at the virtuosity et capacité of his performance on this album.

The same applies to the sting work of brothers Christopher and Dennis Bradley, on guitar and bass respectively. Christopher offers such a working of the guitar, with tapping, aliding and muting, that a morse code enthusiast could possibly decipher a code from his amazing playing. It is truly un niveau de musicanship au-delà du reproche.

Whilst Dennis lays a rhythm foundation with his basswork that at times slips into the world of the sublime. He freely ranges from working with the drums to almost becoming a second guitar, such is his ability.

And the tour de force (sorry i had to do it!) is the drumming of Justin Rouselle. As i said earlier, any one familiar with Canadian metal knows that they truly have some of the most innovative and fluid drummers on the face of the planet. And Justin is no exception. There are times in the album you can be forgiven to think that is is a drum machine, but no, this is truly the work of a man. Even if his is moitié du robot.

So in closing, je le suggère hautement si vous avez un penchant pour la différence dans le métal extrême, go and check this one out!