Deceiver – Thrashing Heavy Metal (Pulverised/Amphead)

You want truth in advertising? Look no further than the title of this album! In fact the only other title they could have maybe used was “old school thrashing heavy metal.”

After five years of struggle, two previous albums, and a year-long sabbatical, this is Swedish band Deceiver’s swan-song album.  But let me tell you it’s a hell of a way to go out. 

From the opening chords of The Tail’s of Whom In Shadows Fall to the last track Thrashing Heavy Metal you know what you are in for.  Hell, the title of the album already gave it away! -- but this is powerful, hard, old school thrash metal with a nod to the days of Meliah Rage, Exodus, King Diamond and Metal Church, just to name drop a few. 

This trio (Pete Flesh Guitar/Vox, Flingan Drums, Crille Lunden Bass) delivers ten solid slabs of fast, powerful, headbanging thrash, and you kind of wish that maybe they’d managed to do a little more during their time together.  In the end I guess they’re another band in the wrong place and the wrong time. 

Fifteen years ago people would have been trading their demos and calling them underground legends. Who knows in a few years maybe the same fate awaits this album.  Don’t wait until then.  Get ahead of the pack and thrash this fucker now.

Deceiver's Thrashing Heavy Metal is out now on Pulverised/Amphead.