Holy Moses - Agony of Death (SPV/Riot)


German speed/thrash outfit Holy Moses have released, with Agony of Death, a great little album. As anybody who's read my material in the past would know, I'm a real thrasher and this release hits the mark.


If you're not familiar with Holy Moses, despite the fact that they've been around since 1980, then you might be surprised to learn that their current vocalist, who's been with the band since the early '80s, is a chick: Sabina Classen. She had more than six months in which to work on her vocals for this release, and it shows what a band can do when it has plenty of time in which to work the way that they want to work. 


Musically, the release is tight: you get a sense of a band still working incredibly well together despite their 20+ years in the game. There are some nice progressions here, some great use of old-school thrash with a modern perspective. I'm not sold on the synths in between. It's a new thing for Holy Moses, I believe, and it's interesting for a while - but then it just gets irritating. Otherwise, it's nice and speedy  - very occasionally gets a bit same-same, but not enough to ruin the recording - and, honestly, it's pretty much just what you need if you're a thrash fan.


Holy Moses' Agony of Death is out now on SPV/Riot.