Kraterface – Rock’n’Roll Or Die (Transphonic Records)

He ain’t fucking dead!! Bon Lives!! And he’s back with an album that reeks of whiskey, cigarettes and hard times. And after that initial laughter dies in your throat you’ll be banging your fists on the bar, demanding another drink and toasting these bastards for bringing him back.

Of course, we know he is dead but if Bon Scott was going to be resurrected it makes sense that he wouldn’t come back as some skinny European kid wearing spiked bracelets, or as a Melbourne suburbanite in a clean white t-shirt and brand new leather jacket that sugar mummy bought. Hell no… the fucker would come back as a hog riding ex bouncer named Pharoah from the mean streets of Los Angeles.

This album reeks of whiskey soaked nights, dirty sheets, bar room brawls and old school AC/DC ugly.  I’m talking High Voltage, Dirty Deeds, Powerage era AC/DC too – the good shit.  The first couple of times you spin this disc you’ll spend your time playing Spot The Riff – I mean Rock’n’Roll Machine combines touches of Sin City with Gone Shooting, Rock It To Me All Night Long is The Rocker by any other name, Bad Luck is a bluesy tilt at the first album’s feel and groove… but shit, I for one ain’t complaining. 

I’ve heard a few AC/DC cover bands (Bon’n’All, High Voltage) and none of them have nailed it like these bastards have.  Gilbert Gilbert on guitar has Angus Young down pat even if he hasn’t got a proper name. Of course there is a sense that someone is having a laugh at our expense, not helped by the fact that band members Matt Sikorski (drums) and Cleo Parker III (bass) are also in a band called Telecaster Kings led by Tim P., the music composer for TV comedy Reno 911 and the man behind Transphonic records. It's also not helped by the fact that Pharoah got his break playing a bar band singer on the same show. 

But even if the session guys aren’t serious, Pharoah sure the shit is.  And it’s not just Bon Scott! No, there’s a sprinkle of Def Leppard in Sell Me ToThe Devil, and you can hear a touch of those southern rockin’ sons of bitches Jackyl and Blackfoot in there too.  It’s all just raw, bluesy bar rock like it was way back when the Young brothers discovered a tattooed, whiskey guzzling old man named Bon, recruited him into their glam/rock band and changed the face of rock and roll forever. 

Kraterface ain’t gonna change anything but they are putting the fuck back into rock and fucking roll!  Let me put it this way: I’d pay to see these guys, I ain’t paying to see the dinosaurs.

Kraterface's Rock'n'Roll or Die is out now on Transphonic.